Asset Tracking

ThinkRace Technology provides GPS based asset tracking and management system. Get the real time GPS asset tracking solution that enables you to track accurate location and movement of your commercial vehicles and luggage. This wireless asset tracking system is an ideal choice for your business and highly flexible to work the way your business demands. We provide smartphone as well as operating system based platform to locate your assets in an intuitive interface.

Our asset tracking devices are equipped with all the necessary features to make your tracking experience better. Moreover, we provide complete ODM/OEM/JDM services so that companies can build their own GPS asset tracking system.

Asset Trackers

    • Vehicle Tracker

Get the live location of your vehicle directly on your mobile phone. This tracking device prevents your vehicle from being stolen. Our vehicle tracking device comes inbuilt with other useful features like real-time tracking, geo-fencing, history route, driving behavior and vehicle pre-diagnostic.

    • Luggage Tracker

Tracking has been so easier. Now you can easily track every movement of your luggage/baggage throughout your journey. With its long-standby battery, enjoy tracking via your mobile phone or operating system.

asset tracking system


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Asset Tracking Product Range

ThinkRace Technology offers wide range of asset monitoring software to safeguard your valuable goods. Our engineers can easily make sudden changes in the product as per your business requirement. Contact in case of any query.


Vehicle Tracker

For the safety of your vehicle we have manufactured vehicle tracking system which provides complete tracking of your vehicles like car, buses, bike, truck etc. Get your vehicle real-time location directly on your mobile device from anywhere in the world.

This is a very helpful tracking system for fleet managers as it provides real-time location of your vehicle. Track your vehicle directly on your mobile phone or web platform, with the help of our customized app & application platform.

Luggage tracker

To make your journey stress-free ThinkRace Technology has manufactured AT15 GPS luggage tracking system that help you to track your baggage in real-time. With the help of GPS technology you can easily track the geo-location of your luggage.

We provide complete GPS luggage tracking ODM/OEM/JDM services for our clients/partners so that they can create their own tracking system. With the help of our App & Application platform you can directly track your luggage on your mobile devices or web platform.

Luggage Tracker

Our Clients of Asset Tracking Products

ThinkRace have partners from all over the world. We provide OEM/ODM/JDM services to our clients/partners, we share the same vision with our partner to provide safety & fitness solution for the people all over the world. If you like to become one of them, please contact us.

To get more information about Asset Tracking Products dealership & partnership policies and for placing bulk order inquiries, please contact.

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