How GPS Trackers are different from Bluetooth Trackers?

Bluetooth trackers – are tiny devices that sync with your phone and it can be attached to objects to permit you to track it in close range. Bluetooth trackers are a boon for people who lean to forget their objects every time they go out, but these devices have partial use. If you are out of the 30 – 40 meters range, there’s no other way to find the tagged object, unless you start walking around, hoping your phone detects the tag’s signal so you can locate it. These devices do provide support in locating close proximity belongings and in some scenarios, valuable items. Bluetooth trackers are basically key locators or at least many of these products are sold particularly for finding any small objects. Continue reading “How GPS Trackers are different from Bluetooth Trackers?”

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How can smartphone improve the efficiency of your fleet management?

The smartphone can be a priceless tool to effectively improving your business when you are managing your fleet. You already aware of the fact that fleet tracking can lower operating costs, perk up routing efficiency and customer service. However, if you are not making perfect use of your smartphone as part of your tracking system, you are missing some major benefits. Continue reading “How can smartphone improve the efficiency of your fleet management?”