With more than 10 years GPS tracker and IOT equipments desisgn and manufacture experience, ThinkRace team provides full OEM/ODM services to our clients in our factory. When our clients have great ideas, we turn those ideas into commercially via many version products with a powerful combination of high quality and competitive pricing.

  • OBD & Vehicle GPS Tracker
  • Asset & Luggage Tracker
  • Personal GPS Tracker
  • Other IoT Devices


PCBA Design & Layout


Mechanism design & Prototype


Firmware & Algorithm

Mobile App

API,SDK and Mobile Apps

GPS Tracker PCBA

We can design and sell the GPS tracker PCBA to our clients. We are working with a lot of fortune 500 companies or telecom companies, We build the new gps tracker base on their own requirements, by choosing 2G/3G/4G and GPS chipset, integrating with different type of sensors, we deliver a unquie product to them with excellent quality and competitive price

We design & manufacture GPS Trackers

ThinkRace have very strong R&D team to help our client design and manufacture GPS Trackers. We can custmized the GPS tracker for our clients base on their ideas, from PCBA to firmware, from mechanism design to prototype, from SDK to mobile app. Our engineering culture involves, building things and solving real-life problems.

Security Design of GPS Tracker

We integrated security at the design phase in order to minimize risk. Moreover, we include the security analysis in each phase of the firmware and software development process. Security by design is a proactive approach to build security into your IoT infrastructure from the very foundation. We are using the latest MQTT protocol and TLS on our gps tracker firmware for a better security level.

Open source & SDK

As a group, ThinkRace’s engineers are bullish on the idea of open source in both hardware and software, so much so that we provide source pieces of technology that we’ve built from scratch to other organisations, so that other can benefit from our work. These open source parts include PCBA, firmware, mobile app, API, SDK. We provide SDK and sample source code for our clients to build their mobile app easily.

Process control of the project

We are strictly following the standard PLM process during we build the IoT products. Plan->EVT->DVT->PVT->MP are the main steps. Because we have ID/MD design engineers, Hardware, firmware and software design engineers, NPI and QA team in house, we are able to share all the inforamtion during the process

Our Clients of ODM/JDM

ThinkRace have partners from all over the world. We provide OEM/ODM/JDM services to our clients/partners, we share the same vision with our partner to provide safety solution for the family. If you like to become one of them, please contact us.