How GPS Trackers are different from Bluetooth Trackers?


Bluetooth trackers – are tiny devices that sync with your phone and it can be attached to objects to permit you to track it in close range. Bluetooth trackers are a boon for people who lean to forget their objects every time they go out, but these devices have partial use. If you are out of the 30 – 40 meters range, there’s no other way to find the tagged object, unless you start walking around, hoping your phone detects the tag’s signal so you can locate it. These devices do provide support in locating close proximity belongings and in some scenarios, valuable items. Bluetooth trackers are basically key locators or at least many of these products are sold particularly for finding any small objects.

GPS Trackers- on the other hand, have unrestrained range and they are able to track the location of an object anywhere on the planet where GPS signals are obtainable. GPS tracking devices link with at slightest 4 dissimilar satellites to calculate the real-time location of an object, upload the location data via cellular signals (GSM) and further display the location to the user via an app or application. To calculate the location of an object, GPS devices need a plain view of the sky to communicate with the GPS satellites.

If you are vexed about losing your car, motorcycle or want to see the location of an object in real-time, what you require is a GPS Tracker. GPS tracking devices are able to exhibit the real-time location of an object on demand.

The advanced technology of GPS tracking solution

Equipped with geo-location at all times and can point the location on a map. GPS is a perfect solution if you are worried about your cat escaping, motorbike being stolen or if you simply want to know the location of your car whenever you should need.

GPS trackers link up with several satellites to compute its coordinates and then upload these coordinates to cloud-based GPS Tracking software letting the users access the location using a PC or a smartphone.

What to look for when buying a ‘’GPS Tracker’’?

The next time you think about buying a “GPS tracker” keeps these in mind. If the main goal is keeping track of your keys or wallet a Bluetooth tracker might be the accurate choice for you. But if you want to track your family whereabouts or know the exact location of your car or vehicle over long distances looking for a GPS tracker that combines GPS satellite systems so you get the most accurate location of an object anywhere in the world.

The GPS tracking technology provides by ThinkRace gives a chance to locate things and people with the help of GPS tracking devices.

The right connectivity, SOS button, worldwide coverage and comes with an app, our GPS tracking solutions are ideal for vehicles, pets, people and valuable assets. The tracking system can be set to immediately notify you on your smartphone whenever the tracker leaves a pre-set area, exceeds the speed limit or if the SOS button is pressed.

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